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Obviously you make too much garbage, so the GC takes too much time to collect it. Happens when you have bad programming. So, grab a memory profiler and analyze where the garbage comes from. Then fix the crapping code.


There is a generic cmdlet command available in powershell Get-MsmqQueue, to accomplish the task in powershell: Get-MsmqQueue –QueueType Private | select QueueName This will return names of the private queues in string array. Please be aware the type returned by get-msmqqueue cmdlet is Microsoft.Msmq.PowerShell.Commands.MessageQueue, not ...


Making sure the cookies are only sent via ssl (secure) and making sure only the server can access the cookie (httponly) are client side protections, so it doesn't matter if they are set at the server or the intermediary (BIG-IP)


I would ensure you upload the content using binary mode. You might be transferring in ASCII mode.

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