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You need Java installed because Jenkins generally works from a tomcat server and installing tomcat requires java. If you are in windows, then you need to set the correct PATH variables as well - JAVA_HOME variable to be specific and also add the bin folder to the PATH


It is possible that the setup installs a private JRE (see so it is not visible outside of Jenkins dir.


Although C# and Javascript can both be used for similar purposes (web development for instance) There are considerable differences between both languages. The primary ones being that although both require a form of interpreter to run, C# is compiled into what we call byte code (similar to java) and javascript is interpreted by a javascript engine (...


From having a quick look my impression is that the current ARSoft.Tools.Net versions (tried 2.2.4 and a few spot checks of versions before it) appear to be bugged with regards to TSIG signing. There appears to be an error causing the TTL is included twice in the TSIG record, which obviously offsets everything after, completely breaking any parsing of the ...

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