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There is no such distinction. Your usage of the terms "system ACEs" vs. "domain ACEs" is misleading. An ACE is an element in an ACL. An ACL may have many ACEs in it, and those ACEs may apply to trustees from various different authorities, be it a local user account, or a security principal from this Active Directory domain, or a security principal from ...


I discovered the following documented under ACL return codes: If the ACL for MAIL returns “discard”, all recipients are discarded, and no ACL is run for subsequent RCPT commands.


Use inotify or other watching mechanism of your choice to find and locate new files in the upload directory and move them into a new directory, for which the initial user has no permissions.


I'd be inclined to solve with with sudo rather than with ACLs. (There's no explicit mention of NFS in the question so I'm going to assume that root_squash isn't an issue.) Start with your directory having permissions 1777 (sticky plus all read/write) as you suggested. Create this script with a filename such as /usr/local/bin/rmd. Amend the definition of ...


In case someone has a similar problem, this is what I did. I hope it's the correct approach but I am not sure. The + in the permissions drwxrwxr-x+ indicates that there is an access control list in effect on the directory. I changed the permissions recursively for ACL as per below as well as included execution permission for the user. setfacl -Rm ...

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