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Put the ACLs in a seperate screenrc and load that with -c: e.g.: /opt/multi-screen-rc multiuser on acladd user1 acladd user2 Then run like this: screen -c /opt/multi-screen-rc -dmS MySession /usr/bin/foo bar baz


Add default ACLs, like this: default:user::rwx default:group::rwx default:other::--- Default ACLs are applied on new files and directories under the affected directory. You can use the following command to accomplish this: setfacl -dm u::rwx,g::rwx,m::rwx,o::0 /home/myuser


I feel that hdr_sub is better for your needs. I was using hdr_end for a while but it runs into the following problem: requests with port 80 usually get the port stripped so the host header looks like "example.com", but if you were requesting on a port explicitly, like example.com:8080, the header will have the port, and hdr_end will fail the check for ...

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