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For wget you need to define an environment variable with the your proxy: export SOCKS_SERVER= wget http://example.com I don't use yum, but apparently you need to define the proxy in /etc/yum.conf proxy=socks5h://localhost:9999 See http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/43654/how-to-use-socks-proxy-with-yum For info on using other ...


Change the bind-address in my.cnf to Restart database server Run this query: UPDATE mysql.user SET host = '%' WHERE user= 'YOUR_MYSQL_USERNAME'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES; Edit: This should go in comment, but i don't have enough rep. Are you sure your ports are correctly forwarded? Also make sure, that your ISP doesn't block it.


This is extremely insecure, but if you insist, change the "bind-address" line in my.cnf from to


That error is caused from not having a statement such as the one below within you VirtualHost or in a block etc, or any other block like this: Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks To allow the listing of directory contents, because no default file was found. You can specify a default file with a statement such as the one below in a similar area (so ...

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