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This is probably by design because denies override grants. However, you can deny and remove as separate steps icacls yourdirectory /deny user:r (or whatever) icacls yourdirectory /remove:g user


Exim does not have a testing mode for local the way that the -bh mode simulates an smtp connection. So you'll have to do it with a real message. I would create a sample message with full headers and body, "sample.eml". Make it to an address that you control, a test mailbox or something. Make it from the address that you want it to reject. Pass the ...


This is because this d-w-rwx---+ 2 AD\applicationpoolidentity group 2 Sep 8 17:28 __testFolder__ represents ONLY the owner. You see the "+" at the end of the bitmask? This means, that there is a (windows) acl controlling the access. So if you have access to a file because you are in the acl with r/w, the bitmask of the owner is not applicable to you ...

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