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There's something odd about your bash. Are you sure you don't have either an alias for ulimit, or a non-IBM AIX version of bash? $ which bash /usr/bin/bash $ bash $ oslevel -s 6100-08-01-1245 $ ulimit -f unlimited $ ulimit -m 32768


You need to grep /etc/shadow syntax is username:password:... you need password = * So something like this: sudo cat /etc/shadow | grep '^[^:]*:.\?:' | cut -d: -f1


Try to run as root: pwdadm -c username password username Login to user, check if it change password applies. If yes, set 1st password, afterwards change it (this time as username) and try to set the same password. If it does not work, check /etc/security/user, search for username and add histsize=2 (afterwards repeat all the steps). You can also check ...


Why do you use & in crontab? The process will not terminate as long as it will run on the remote machine, only if it takes too long and in the meantime the Internet connection will fail.

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