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Follow this steps - 1)Go to \etc\httpd\conf.d\phpmyadmin.conf -check path of phpmyadmin in directory tag Order Deny,Allow #Deny from none Allow from all here path: /usr/share/phpmyadmin 2)Go to /usr/share/phpmyadmin open 3)Add value for blowfish_secret like - $cfg['blowfish_secret'] = 'mrgQxxk8C-y}U7ji2BO9o5jLf}Qhe-BI[~6SUa';/*...


You can use yum update-minimal update-minimal Works like upgrade, but goes to the 'newest' package match which fixes a problem that affects your system


No, AMIs are immutable. They do publish updated AMIs periodically, though.


My recommendation would be the same as the Laravel - i.e. to use something like supervisord to effectively "daemonise" your PHP code - I have taken this approach before with a standalone PHP Symfony2 application that consumed messages placed on SQS. Also from experience, I would consider moving away from Amazon Linux and either using CentOS (if you need ...


As it turns out, the problem was that I had a reboot command execute prior to running ansible. "sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::='--force-confdef' -o Dpkg::Options::='--force-confold' -y upgrade", "sudo chmod -R o+rx /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages", "sudo shutdown -r now" ] }, { "type": "ansible-local", "inventory_file": "hosts", "...

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