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Is there a reason why you don't use EBS snapshots? You can use those to save the whole EBS device (incremental) with a simple API call and the snapshots are saved within S3. If you need an old version back just create a volume from this snapshot and connect it to your instance instead of the broken EBS.


The problem with implementing a generic backup schedule from the AWS Console is that Amazon doesn't know anything about what's on your volumes. That's why there are solutions like ec2-consistent-snapshot that can take care of things like freezing the filesystem and flushing & locking databases prior to taking the snapshot. Taking these extra steps help ...


Unfortunately there is no feature available in the management console to create daily / hourly EBS snapshots. The only options are the ones you have highlighted although some people have created command line scripts which can do what you require and are relatively straight forward to configure for your own requirements. ...


You can try /dev/xvda. When you attach a volume to the instance -> select the particular instance then enter /dev/xvda for the mount point.

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