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Typically *nix commands come with a manual page try man cli53 to see if that gives you more information than just that terse error/help message. Manual pages typically come with examples as well. In this case I think if would know the jargon would understand what the error message is trying to tell was wrong in your command. The required options for cli53 ...


If some change has been made very recently (1 hour or less), then maybe it's still propagating? What TTL values do you have there?


Try this? "GeoLocation": {"CountryCode" : "*"} We recommend that you create one geolocation resource record set for which the value of CountryCode is * to cover geographic locations for which you haven't created resource record sets and to cover IP addresses for which Amazon Route 53 can't identify a location.


requests to will be redirected to the same mydomain but without the www This is done by creating an empty bucket in S3 named, configuring it to redirect all requests to a different hostname ( and pointing DNS at it. If you want it to support https request redirection on the www side, you create a ...


You can prevent such problems by setting up Transport Layer Security for Outbound Mail. If you do that, you will also have to enable TLS on the clients sending (like Outlook).

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