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I've attempt to create a new hosted zone sub.base.com and add the NS records to base.com. This does appear to delegate (though I'm not sure it is necessary on AWS). This is necessary anytime you delegate, it's not specific to AWS. I then add the wildcard CNAME to the sub.base.com Zone, and also add an A record to the zone. Now when I lookup a name ...


You can put CloudFront in front of your s3 bucket and have CloudFront terminate the SSL connection. HTTPS is free when using SNI. Steps: create distribution and configure ssl, with the origin being your s3 website redirect bucket. set the cname to be your naked domain update route 53 to point to this distribution


Quite simply, you can't do what you are trying to do with S3, because the S3 web site endpoints offered by S3 do not support https. DNS can't redirect web browsers, of course, so Amazon has a simple solution that leverages an S3 bucket with no content, and just a blanket redirect to another domain, as a helper mechanism to allow Route 53 to accomplish the ...

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