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Why not replace the config file before installing the update? If it loads on restart, it won't use the "wrong" config file till after the update restarts it . . .


Copy the error message to a file, for example 111.txt. Then run command for package in $(cat 111.txt | grep "warning: files list file" | sed "s/'//g" | sed "s/`//g"|awk '{print $8}'); do apt-get purge "$package" -y; apt-get install "$package" -y;done


I had a similar issue, I created a new sources.list file which held only the sources I wanted Apticron to work with And then I changed the Apticron code so it will use the file I created. sudo grep "-security" /etc/apt/sources.list | sudo grep -v "#" > /etc/apt/security.sources.list Above command will create a new sources list specifically for ...

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