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Right now, you only have 1 extension defined in your [test] context ... Extension 20. If you want to be able to place calls between 200 and 201, you'd need to have something like the following: [test] exten => 20,1, Answer() same => n, Playback(hello-world) same => n, Hangup() exten => 20[01], Verbose(2,Call for Extension ${EXTEN}) same =&...


Pick one? The 4, are roughly speaking, mutually incompatible (I suppose you could use Chef to install/start the docker containers or something). B is probably right out as strictly worse than the others but the rest are all fine depending on your existing workflow and tooling.


From my experience, both have merit. Telco's manage ISDN call quality and your trunks are guaranteed to provide good service, CID info, etc. SIP offers lots of flexibility, but it will run over the ISP's network - and the ISP isn't worried about latency, speeds, etc. If you can get ISDN for 1/2 the price of SIP I'd stick with that. You can always migrate ...

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