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It is possible to install FreeBSD even without sysinstall/bsdinstall. Boot FreeBSD via PXE Run hand-written shell script. In shell script: Label disks (gpart) Make filesystems (newfs) and mount Extract distfiles (tar -xf).


php -r 'print_r(version_compare("5.3", phpversion()));'


my suggestion would be to create local repositories to overcome this problem. if you want to control the repo you need to maintain your own (RedHat Satellite allows you to this as well, but for rpm's. i'm not aware of such a web based management tool for deb repo's on debian/ubuntu). you can create as many repos as you want, each could hold different ...


tldr you want someone to write the code for you. Lucky for you I already have something similar. decrypt.sh: #!/bin/bash # Get our original tty and turn off -echo stty_orig=`stty -g` stty -echo read Pass # type in your pass for gpg. gpg --passphrase="$Pass" --no-tty -d $1 # Output goes to STDOUT stty $stty_orig Call it by: ssh -t user@host 'decyrpt.sh ...


ssh -t user@host gpg -d file I don't think it has to be more complicated than that. The decrypted output will be echoed back to your terminal. The -t option asks ssh to request a tty, which is needed so that gpg can prompt on your terminal for the password. This seems no more or less secure to me than your 4-step method.


I would still prefer to keep it all in AD. It's easy to pull info from, there are plenty of tools for it etc. You can extend your schema with custom user properties with little difficulty. http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2013/12/22/powertip-set-custom-attributes-in-active-directory.aspx It's fairly easy to manage with PowerShell


With Parallel Runspace execution: Reducing inescapable waiting time In the original specific case, the executable invoked has a /nowait option which prevents blocking the invoking thread while the job (in this case, time re-synchronization) finishes on its own. This greatly reduces the overall execution time from the issuers perspective, but connecting to ...

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