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I just ran across an article regarding Amazon's AWS service and the very robust backup and recovery options available at the flick of a few buttons. Short of that you may want to hire out the scripting of recovery if you don't have the expertise. In the past, I've been a part of and personally written scripts that do just that. Once in place, the scripts ...


Assuming that mysql versions are the same (or similar enough): Shut down mysql Remove contents of /var/lib/mysql and replace with the new data Correct permissions on the files (hint: use chown and chmod) Start mysql


It turns out, that the actual tape hardware was connected to the original server instead of the backup manager, it could not restore the backup unless I brought the original crashed server online. Thankfully I could do that, but I imagine, it could be quite problematic with other types of hadrware failures. Since I was unfamiliar with both the specific ...

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