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Despite the name, the H200 RAID controller is NOT a hardware RAID controller. It tries to lie to you as much as possible, but essentially it is a really bad RAID bios to generate software RAIDs. The problem is that any OS that is NOT running the dell perc drivers (Linux?), will see the disks as a bunch of independent disks, and ignores the pseudo-raid ...


Rackspace Managed SysOps uses our Cloud Backup tool for web content and Holland for MySQL backups. Make sure to include the files which Holland creates in your Cloud Backup config. Cloud Backup does not create a "zip" which you could download locally, but it does let you restore to any of your Cloud Servers (after which you could make a zip if you like).


I got the same error when I tried to format a USB drive on Mac OS X. In my case, unmounting the disk first with diskutil unmountDisk ... solved the problem. Details: First, run diskutil list and check the output to figure out which disk you want to format. (Don't format your hard drive disk0!) In my case, it was /dev/disk1. When I first ran mkfs.ext3 ...

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