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... i don't want my data to get lost The normal way to do this is to use a backup system that is compatible with your OS. Choose a backup system Perform backups Verify backups Perform hardware upgrade


Recent libvirt/kvm versions support the discard vdisc option (for SCSI vdisk type only). With this option enabled, you can issue fstrim / on the guest fileststem and unused blocks will be immediately discarded by the host vm image, compacting/reducing it via hole punching. See here (driver section, search for 'discard') and here for more information. If ...


If you have the FILE privilege you can, table by table, use SELECT ... INTO OUTFILE queries and download your data from those.


Since version 0.7.03 of Duplicity it is possible to list the revisions that a file has changed in: duplicity collection-status --file-changed 'filename' 'remote-url'

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