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No, you can't just do that and get a working system.


SCP, no, as Iain said. But you can use ssh and dd to do this: For each disk to back up: ssh root@host.to.backup "dd if=/dev/sdX | gzip -c" > host.to.backup.sdX.img.gz Beware of changes to the disk while copying.


Blob names require you to escape reserved URL characters. Your blob name starts with a # which is a reserved URL character. I suspect the issue will resolve itself when you remove that character (or escape it). Note: I haven't confirmed this with an independent test, but it's the first time I've ever seen a blob name with a # character... More info on blob ...


To me, backing up disk images makes more sense here. From the backup script perspective, it shouldn't really matter if the VDIs are file- or LVM-based, you should be able to backup them the same way, by only changing paths. Moving to LVM, though, may give you a serious performance gain, especially if you employ raw (not VHD based) VDIs. To avoid entire ...

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