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Whenever we get these problems, we increase the broadband by 5mbps, which makes things better for a few months, and then we get some more staff, and then it starts again. My theory is that these inevitable peaks, which you generally won't get on a residential connection, are impacting on Skype audio and video, and while the company IT profile ...


I believe a filter has a handle in a form of HHH:HH:HHH, so there can be 0xfff hash tables, every table can hold up to 0xff cells, every cell can contain up to 0xfff filters.


What are you using for a speedtest? The typical speedtest runs over TCP, which will be affected by latency and other factors. The DSL modem is probably doing some sort of test to the device immediately connected on the other side, which will have the lowest possible latency and the fastest overall results. We've had this DSL line for years, and it was ...


Use LACP for NFS. Use MPIO for iSCSI. If your hypervisor hosts don't have storage interface redundancy, that's where you should focus your attention; no hacks, no bullshit. Add an additional NIC to your hosts and configure MPIO.


If each host only has one interface for iSCSI, then you won't be able to use MPIO with the setup you've described here. However, you should be able to configure the FreeNAS system to use Link Aggregation (LACP), so that you can service two hosts simultaneously each at 1Gb (for a total of 2Gb from the FreeNAS). Instead of MPIO, look into LACP (or, get a ...


You should be taking a systematic approach to determining where the bottleneck is. Take a look at those 80 requests in your web browser's development tools; Is the time-to-first-byte on the main content, or any specific resource, unreasonably high? You'll need to look at what is going on with that resource. If it's the main HTML page, then the slowness ...


As the name states, HAProxy will work as a proxy and for the client, it looks like it speaks only to the HAProxy server, while it transparently forwards the traffic to one of several backend application servers (which usually aren't accessible from the outside). Thus, you will use the bandwidth between the HAProxy and the backend servers plus about the same ...

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