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That particular RAID controller claims 8-lane PCI Express 2.0 compliancy meaning that effectively you'll already be limited to 8 * 4 Gbs = 32 Gbs (or 4000 MB/s) regardless of what's connected to the RAID card. Each SAS SFF8088 connector will cary 4 SAS lanes over a single cable, when each link is at the maximum 6 Gbs port speed theoretically you indeed get ...


Based on my experience with similar controllers like Smart Array P420i from ProLiant ML350p Gen8 or ServeRAID M5015 SAS/SATA Controller from IBM x3560 M3 I'd say: 6Gbps per mini-SAS (i.e. 12Gbps) - best possible scenario. I have not tested two SFF8088 ports, only one, and I've hit 6 gbps limit.


I would take a capture on the client and one on a backend server at the same time. If you analyze the client capture and the delays seem to be server side, but you analyze the server side capture and the delays seem to be on the client side, then it's probably something in the middle introducing delay. To find delays in a pcap, check out a video I made that ...

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