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Using date and expr can get you there i.e. X=$(expr \`date +%H\` \\* 3600 + \`date +%M\` \\* 60 + \`date +%S\`) echo $X Just expand on it to do whatever you want I realise this does not give milliseconds since epoch, but it might still be useful as an answer for some of the cases, it all depends on what you need it for really, multiply by 1000 if you ...


I was with a issue like this, here what I did. The strace command will print all interactions the process are doing with external libraries, so with it we can see if our config is loaded or not. So, i do, like suggested above: root:/etc/pam.d$ strace -o ~/loglimit su - glaudiston glaudiston:~$ exit logout root:/etc/pam.d$ cat ~/loglimit | grep limits.conf ...

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