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Make certain your batch file is not called "getmac.bat" or "getmac.cmd" -- it is probably making a recursive call to itself.


I debated deleting this, the mods might still do so, but I figured out my issue. figured it might help someone later down the road... ECHO myuser >>ftp.scr ECHO mypassword >>ftp.scr The space between the name/password and the >> was the issue. Once I changed it to: ECHO myuser>>ftp.scr ECHO mypassword>>ftp.scr It worked fine!


If you have two site, you should also only have two application pools. I would rename the AppPools hosting your sites and delete the other ones. So you should end up with something like Site1AppPool Site2AppPool Then for setting NTFS permissions, use: IIS AppPool\Site1AppPool IIS AppPool\Site2AppPool You cannot browse for these names in the permissions ...


I don't think it matters which App Pool you choose if you are hosting a PHP application, and no .NET is used. The v2.0 and v4.0 tells IIS to use .NET 2.0 or .NET 4.0 for the Application, which does not matter, as you're using PHP. Just make sure that they are separated. As for classic vs. integrated pipeline mode, it does not matter as well: Some reading ...

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