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You do not need to configure the equivalent of /3GB while using a 64bit version of Windows. A 64bit version of Windows will even assign a 4GB virtual address space instead of 3GB for 32bit applications compiled with /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag according to Comparison of memory and CPU limits in the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows in this article.


Probably better for superuser. in fact: http://superuser.com/questions/32164/easiest-way-to-copy-or-clone-boot-partition-onto-new-hard-drive


Check and make sure that things like "Legacy USB support" is turned on in your system BIOS if it has it. USB keyboards can be slow to be recognized during the boot process making it hard at times to get to the boot menu.


Ummm... Why not run bcdedit again and change the timeout value?


Have a look at this KB article; it was written for repairing non-working dual boot configurations, but it contains instructions to create additional boot entries for previous operating systems: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/919529/en-us


Run your BCDEDIT commands using the /store parameter: bcdedit /store E:\boot\BCD /enum


First, make a backup of your current BCD with bcdedit -export backup_file.bcd. If you have BitLocker enabled on your boot drive, it needs to be disabled until after your done changing things. If you just want the menu to show: bcdedit /delete {bootmgr} default Booting the computer has nothing to do with the registry, only the BCD controls the boot process. ...

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