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Media (USB Key, CD, harddrives) must be formatted as FAT (16 or 32) to be readable from EFI.


Probably, the on board battery is not working properly. The error you described happens when the battery is low and the CMOS content got corrupted. Try to replace the battery and see if the problem disappear.


After a certain sequence of re-seating the components, the options on the black screen changed to reflect "press F1 to retry boot or strike F2 to Setup". The sequence of reseating is: pull out power cord from the unit not from wall disconnect SCSI cables going into Riser (blue long flat facing railing) unscrew and remove the riser board (beware of clamp ...


Unplug it, unrack it, and throw it away. It's so old that Dell won't support it. You should replace it with a more modern R320 or similar, which would also be way more power efficient.

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