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The other answers seem to agree that wiping the BIOS is probably not your problem, so here's another thought: My computer, when switched into UEFI mode, skips the BIOS screen completely. No manufacturer's logo, no nothing. It just tries to boot and tells me there's no bootable media (or boots). If I remember the key to enter setup, I can whack it as the ...


One rare possibility could be you triggered some of the infamous UEFI bugs, that already killed some series of Samsung and Lenovo notebooks. It works like this: UEFI specs propose a non volatile memory (nvram or eeprom) that can be accessed by the OS to store settings or debugging information. Linux actually uses this feature in case of a kernel panic: If ...


While fun, rm -rf / can only break a havoc inside its own little jail -- and that is the partition(s) it is given. It cannot mess up disk MBR, nor it cannot magically destroy your computer. Something else is wrong in your case.


No, it is not possible to destroy the BIOS (legacy or UEFI) in this manner with that command. Even if you somewhat managed to destroy the UEFI partition, core BIOS files will not be affected, as they reside in non-volatile memory (flash-based, mostly) socketed on your motherboard. UEFI partition hosts additional software components (eg: debugger, driver, ...


Media (USB Key, CD, harddrives) must be formatted as FAT (16 or 32) to be readable from EFI.


Probably, the on board battery is not working properly. The error you described happens when the battery is low and the CMOS content got corrupted. Try to replace the battery and see if the problem disappear.

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