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I'm answering my own question here, as I managed to fix it after a while. First thing I did was download the 'Recommended download (Floppy, CD & USB in one)' of Super Grub2 Disk from http://www.supergrubdisk.org/. This is a *.iso file, when it is finished downloading, rename it to an *.img. Next, plug an empty usb drive in your pc, download & ...


The behaviour is as designed. As you've added a network share to your fstab, networking needs to be up before it can be mounted. You've created a bridge (vmbr1), which can needs time to set up if STP is enabled, usually 30-40 seconds. Disabling STP might work, but might be a bad idea considering your setup. Another solutions would be mounting the share ...


mount seems like an incorrect value for the first field in your fstab and looks like you simply copied a mount commandline. (man 5 fstab) ... The first field in /etc/fstab, (fs_spec), describes the block special device or remote filesystem to be mounted. For ordinary mounts it will hold (a link to) a block special device node (as created by ...


Reboot computer, press F2 to came BIOS. Find "Boot Options" Enable USB Boot Save. Reboot, press F12 key. Choose USB Drive

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