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I would strongly recommend setting up other accounts for each application [or set of applications] with appropriate permissions. I find having several applications binding to the RootDN unsettling. That said, I assume you have tried: grep -ir 'cn=Directory Manager' ../../bugzillaDirectory/* and came up empty? (Replacing Directory Manager with your admin ...


Ran the following command: grep -ir 'cn=Directory Manager name' / This resulted in my file being found @ /var/lib/bugzilla/data/params Edited the file with vi. The Directory Manager Name is the admin account that was used for LDAP. 'LDAPbinddn' => 'CN=Directory Manager name,CN=Users,DC=name,DC=COM:password' Tested login and it worked without any ...


Your webserver doesn't have the ability to write to the $BUGZILLA_HOME/data/ directory. You need to allow that. In general, running checksetup.pl should set all the permissions correctly for you, as long as you've set $webservergroup correctly in the localconfig file.

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