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According to this MSDN Blog entry, the error code 0x80070021 suggests that "The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file." You can try unlocking the highlighted section of your file or not use it to solve this error. You should check out the blog entry for further detailed solution. Alternatively, you may also ...


I don't know what the current "best practice" method of doing authorization in a .NET-based application is. Here's something I did many years ago in a web-based application I wrote to offload all of the authorization functionality to the operating system itself. (This will probably come off as a dodgy hack written by someone who is a sysadmin first and a ...


I've been having this problem and realized that DCPromo is a 64-bit process and you probably have Visual Studio set to create x32 apps. Well, I changed VS to compile in 64-bit and it worked like a champ! Carlos

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