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If you simply want to answer the question, "what files on this system have changed", then use a tool that generates checksums for all your files. Run it before the consultant makes any changes, run it afterwards, and look for files that have changed. Store the results someone other than on the system. And of course, be aware that some files change ...


I came across a blog post that I believe answers this question: Here's the lowdown: RX packets: represent the total number of packets that were received. This includes ALLLLLLLLL network data units that made it to the interface (including stuff that was malformed/invalid/rejected). (RX) errors: represent the number of packets that had "errors". A lot ...


From a package-management standpoint, you could dump all installed packages into a file with rpm -qa > /root/packages.txt Transfer the file to the "new" machines and run: yum -y install $(cat packages.txt) Then you can just copy over your configuration files & code.


You can use this command to fix permissions on postfix files and directories. postfix set-permissions The file that controls these permissions is located here: /etc/postfix/postfix-files There may have been a stale master.pid file or or existing postfix process running, to clear these you could have done: service postfix stop pkill -9 postfix rm -f ...

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