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Since most of the Linux distros have the 1/100 ticks, a very simple way to do it is via bash: [myhost]# echo "scale=2; -1 * (`snmpget -Oqv -v2c -c public localhost .;sleep 5` - `snmpget -Oqv -v2c -c public localhost .` )/`snmpwalk -Oqu -v2c -c public localhost | wc -l`/5" | bc | sed ...


do I have to buy the exact same CPU again? If you want to run both the existing CPU and the new one then they have to be the exact same CPU. or can I buy a newer/better/different CPU? You can put in a newer one if you pull out the old one.


Run ps -eo pcpu,pid,user,args | sort -k1 -r | head -10 This should tell you the top 10 apps/threads using your cpu resources.

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