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I don't want this to happen - I would rather it show the standard / expected "Secure Connection Failed" error for the non SSL domains. In this case you must configure apache to not accept any clients which don't support SNI, i.e. SSLStrictSNIVHostCheck on. In this case virtual hosts without a configured certificate should cause an error at the client, i.e ...


The article at suggests that you download the root certificates with rootsupd.exe, available at I'm surprised though that the exe is not signed.Use at your own risk.


Certificates revoked with the reason code "Certificate Hold" can be unrevoked, left on "Certificate Hold" until they expire, or have their revocation reason code changed. "Certificate Hold" is the only revocation reason that will allow you to unrevoke the certificate. It is useful if the status of the certificate is questionable and is meant to provide some ...


Check this answer in my blog: The issue is in the IIS, go to the backend site, and change the certificate used by the port 444. to match your wildcard certificate. For a unknown reason when you change the certificate in the front end using the commands I published before.


If your server is using the default configuration, it should be using the snakeoil self-signed certificate. This is adequate and acceptable to establish TLS connections on outgoing and incoming connections. It will however fail validation. You will need to use a certificate from a trusted authority to pass validation. Are you providing clients with ...


Your cert is already a PEM cert. If it doesn't get accepted make a copy, remove the certificate details above the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and try again.


Bad idea: My samba's (Version 4.1.21-SerNet-RedHat-11.el7) ca.pem has only year of validity. There's no CA private key. ca.pem - is CA certificate, cert.pem is AD's certificate and key.pem is AD's key, Short CA cert length (1024b) - minimum recommended by OpenVPN developers is 2048b. Solution? Do it backwards - use EasyRSA (3.0!) and regererate keys for ...

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