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Configuration is little different from Ubuntu.You need to add CGROUP_DAEMON=sets:name in /etc/sysconfig/libvirtd in your case it is CGROUP_DAEMON=memory:/mynamekvm restart all relavat services that is cgconfig,libvirt and guests also makesure selinux is configured properly or try disabling and then restart services.


The OOM killer decided to kill another process. The message did state: Kill process 20911 .... or sacrifice child It decided to kill the child with pid 20977, a shell script that was spawned by the process. If you want Linux to always kill the task which caused the out of memory condition, set the sysctl vm.oom_kill_allocating_task to 1. From the ...


What device is at 253:0? My guess is that particular device doesn't have rw permission for non-root users. So either you have the wrong device for what you're trying to throttle, or you need to set rw permissions on it for non-root users.

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