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Chroot is done after: Reading the main configuration Reading the module configurations Reading the virtual servers Reading the dictionaries But before: Initialising modules. Which means things like the users file would need to be inside the chroot dir, as would any unix sockets, or other file based resources used by modules. Processing requests. Which ...


Note that this answer assumes that your disk is partitioned. sneak's answer works for Debian wheezy which runs grub 1.99, but not for grub2. You'll want to use UUID's (as recommended by the grub devs) to reference devices/partitions. Here's the problem: kpartx (the tool used to map partitions), doesn't create symlinks in /dev/disk/by-uuid, which grub uses ...


There is a chroot.exe included in Gow (Gnu On Windows)


As far as I can tell, the ChrootDirectory is not properly set. It should be set to: ChrootDirectory /data/jail

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