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I notice that you have mentioned that you've successfully established a site-to-site VPN, but you haven't listed its interface in your post - basically you want to alter your default gateway to the VPN gateway interface on the Cisco in your configuration as above (not your WAN IP).


The PC that is not working ( is not in the same IP range as the others on the right hand side's subnet (I'm assuming that the subnet is defined as If you really can't change that IP (which sounds rather odd), then you will need a subnet that includes that IP, which means your AS5505 router will need an IP in that range (e.g. ...


What you are referring to is routing traffic between 2 different VPN tunnels. It can be done, and since you say Cisco I'll presume ASA's: https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/12110341/routing-traffic-between-two-site-site-vpn-tunnels You can see the info there...I won't copy/paste it all since the page on Cisco.com won't go away. However, if after ...


Stoney, your best bet is to work with the remote VPN host on this or hire a sysadmin consultant to help you out. The issue is likely that they aren't allowing multiple connections from your WAN IP to create a client VPN tunnel or they are limiting a certain number of connections, but they should be able to troubleshoot it on their end easy enough to be ...

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