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You can login directly in enable mode if your privilege level allows it. I am running asa916-k8.bin on 5510 The command is aaa authorization exec LOCAL auto-enable Ravi L


Configure SSH to allow connections on the outside interface without VPN from only your IP address or IP range for the duration of the migration, then disable that again. That way you can access the ASAs regardless of the VPN being up, which is definitely a good thing when making VPN changes. If you can't do that, you can edit each configuration file in a ...


ASA 5506X not only by default masks SMTP banner, but also scrambles ehlo replies, like shown below, where XXXX are ASA inventions. They must have a fancy idea about security those who implemented this "feature". Anyway. I had no clue that the default filtering was on for ESMTP, as the graphical interfaces shows no rule and lowest security. ehlo ...

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