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What you're seeing is normal behavior. Your nslookup query is technically not a fully qualified query because you left out the trailing dot (.). If you want to see the difference, run the same query but instead add the trailing dot (.), as such: cnn.com. This is the behavior you'll see when issuing queries with nslookup that aren't fully qualified. The ...


Are you setting up your vnet to use you DC as a DNS server? That's what allows you to find your DC. Also, are you specifying the full domain name of your domain when doing the domain join and does your domain have at least two labels? As long as your domain name is at least two labels long (e.g. something.local) then the suffix shouldn't be appended during ...


According to this page Azure Load Balancer is free of charge but not offered with Basic Virtual machines. Even in the old cloud service model you needed to attach a load balancer to the underlying VIP, and then wire up the associated VMs Load balancing under ARM puts a load balancer out in front of the IAAS machines, in a more logical way, that is ...


Fixed it by forcing it to append a dot '.' as a DNS suffix. Unfortunately this is a hassle to apply on each VM so I'm still waiting for other answers before accepting my own.

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