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You are confusing DNS and High Availability. Repeat after me: DNS is not failover. DNS is not failover. DNS is not failover. If you want to do high availability and load balancing, you need a reverse proxy that specialises in this. The most well known one is haproxy.


For me, one of the most obvious solutions to doing HA over more than two hosts is Load Balancing, even though the name does not suggest HA. What kind of LB is most suitable for your use-case really depends on the type of client and app, but the three most common options. L7 load balancing. You have a proxy that understands the protocol used. There are many ...


I use expect scripts to automate the logins (especially because I have to pass through a jumb box and enter in a chroot and lots of passwords must be entered) and did some "tweaks" to the config of cssh. So, I have this "main script" in my bin folder that given a "server name/alias" it takes me into the server that I want and where I want. In the ...


You've got an internal FC bus error - very likely to be a hardware issue. You'd going to have to get NetApp to fix the broken bit sorry. If you have no support contract can you let me know where you are in the world please, I have a few spare FAS2020's at my storage location in the UK, if you're nearby you could have one or the part.


A unit that can't be scheduled just stays down. When a suitable machine rejoins the cluster, the unit will be started again. That shouldn't be a big problem in your example, since there's not a lot of point having two identical apache units running on the same machine.


The NetworkTopologySettings needs to be specified as part of the create keyspace statement.


I recommend excellent LizardFS and GfarmFS although I'm not sure how well they support locks.

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