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Always on would let you have separate storage for each node. (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff877884(v=sql.110).aspx) However this gets trickier in win10 with the new storage HA features.


I prefer software RAID to hardware RAID on single servers, because hardware RAID forces the admin to take precautions against hardware failure of the RAID controller. This usually requires stocking and regularly testing spare RAID controllers. In your setup, though, I assume, that redundancy is on the node level, not on the disk level. If a node fails for ...


Rebooting the node ensures that the node is working properly before the next job is assigned to it. Also, when you run a node out of memory and start swapping it will slow down and may become unresponsive. In this case, they may be using something like IPMI to power cycle the node.


You'll need to run a routing layer (HAproxy should work fine) that is directing traffic based on HTTP host header. Run this routing container on a few machines bound to 80/443 as desired. Add A records for each of your services that point to these few machines. Your LB is now highly available. Next, set up your HAproxy routing rules to consume the location ...

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