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The public cloud providers generally don't support broadcast/multicast methods, so any solution that relies on those will not be 'best'. At least for values of 'best' that include significant components of platform independence. In unicast-land, you have a bunch of options and a lot depends on just what it is you want to do with those images and what ...


As I understand it, the proper way of doing this is by using the API that your cloud provider offers to you. Trying to do this from the hosts is a little bit "stone-axe" territory. Use the nice space-age infrastructure that you're paying for.


The article which you're reading is most likely long outdated. Using Heartbeat for resource management (stoping and starting resources upon failover) has been deprecated since about 2008. Pacemaker is the new standard solution for Linux-HA resource management. However, Pacemaker still requires something to handle cluster communication. For the communication ...


You need to run a cleanup on the old nodes, and perhaps a repair -- it won't move the data around of its own accord. See the documentation here for adding new nodes to a cluster.

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