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The V7000 will upgrade and reboot the nodes one at a time with a 30 minute pause enforced between one half of the nodes in the cluster and their respective partners. This means that your host will see half of the paths dissapear from the fabric and return, then a after half an hour, the other paths will do the same. As long as your DM Multipathing ...


What you want do do can be achieved precisely with overlayfs. With it you can take your /full dir and another /notfull dir and mount them at /third-dir. Reads will seek through the /notfull into the /full and writes will go to a third dir. Have a look at the docs, remount the full dir away from the target name and then use overlayfs to recreate the ...


You won't be able to expand the space by mounting them both on /folder if that's what you want. If you want to create another directory like /folder/newshare like you said, you should be able to mount another NFS share there to make it seem like there's more space under /folder. I just confirmed that I could create a mount point for a NFS share inside ...


That is correct. Windows 2008R2 Standard Edition does not support Failover cluster. The failover cluster doesn't even show up in the list of features. I just checked it. Only Ent and Datacenter supports it.


You could do it by passing --net=host when starting a docker container containing whatever monitoring software you need. You may or may not also need --privileged=tru as well.


Redis Sentinel will allow you to run multiple instances of redis and handles failover for you. http://redis.io/topics/sentinel


Slurm in the installed Version (14.11.5) seems to have problems with types assigned to the GPUs since removing Type=... from the gres.conf and changing the node configuration lines accordingly (to Gres=gpu:N,ram:...) results in successful execution of jobs requiring gpus via --gres=gpu:N.

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