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The minimum number is 1 server. If by "production" you mean "fault tolerant" then the minimum number is 3: you have a replica set containing 3 servers. The config servers also run on these servers. If you want to include "horizontal scaling" i.e. "web scale!" as well then the minimum number is 9: you have 2 shards consisting of replica sets of 3 servers and ...


The scheduler's default load_forumla setting is np_load_avg which assigns new jobs to nodes with the lowest load average. To have it fill nodes instead you can set load_formula to slots. To see the current scheduler settings: qconf -ssconf To modify the settings: qconf -msconf


The correct answer is online: http://www.laliluna.de/articles/2008/09/14/apache_tomcat_mod_jk_selinux.html The part you need is near the bottom, which I will copy and paste here in case that page goes away: # mkdir /var/run/mod_jk # semanage fcontext -a -t httpd_var_run_t "/var/run/mod_jk(/.*)?" This apparently configures SELinux to allow mod_jk to ...


Clusters are built for a specific purpose. Either to provide higher capacity, fault tolerance or both. Most people with web clusters will have loadbalancers out in front of the http servers to distribute traffic to the machines that are up and not too loaded. Behind the http servers is usually database servers configured as active/active or active/passive ...

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