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This is happening because that domain doesn't exist on DNS Servers. There can be two ways to access your website: Register the domain with a DNS Provider and map that DNS with the IP of remote server. Map the stated domain to the IP of Remote Server in your host file. I'll recommend you need more about Domains and DNS. A good start can be: ...


You're confusing "distributed mode" (having the web server and CF server on separate boxes) as being mutually exclusive with using a reverse proxy. In reality, they are two separate concerns. A reverse proxy is simply an alternative to using the standard web connector. It simply causes your web server (IIS, Apache, Nginx) to redirect requests for CFML ...


DISTRIBUTED mode or REVERSE PROXY setup would be providing mostly similar level of security but DISTRIBUTED mode would have additional HIGH AVAILABILITY & RELIABILITY server scenarios.


Adobe ColdFusion licenses don't "phone home" so they'll never know. As long as only one set of servers are active and taking production traffic at a time, you shouldn't be in violation of the EULA. Disclaimer: This is my opinion. Ask @coldfusion on Twitter and you should get a quick (and official) response.


I would say you have two options here: AWS Cloud Watch (http://aws.amazon.com/cloudwatch/), which you can use to measure lots of metrics about the instance, e.g. CPU usage, memory usage, etc... and this has notification as well. You can also use it with AWS's auto-scaling option to scale out and in if required. This option however will not measure the ...


The error message clearly says, that the error is due to Authentication failure. You need to enable Mixed-mode authentication. Once enabled, try to login and check the error message, if fails again. Try restarting SQL Server/Agent service with windows authentication credentials, to validate that there is no problem. Alternatively, try skipping the ...

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