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It sounds like you've assigned that IP to the server itself within it's network stack (i.e. if you're using windows then you set the IP on one of the network cards from within the settings of one of the network cards). The DRAC and the host are two seperate devices, you can't specify it in the OS and on the DRAC as they will clash. If the .78 IP is just to ...


Are you adding the port number to the web address? For example


Just to clarify, this is a question about BigFix relevance, not BigFix ActionScript. I will say, that although BigFix relevance has a bit of a learning curve and makes the source of the complexity hard to figure out sometimes, the issues you are experiencing have more to do with the complexities of how files can have many different types of version ...


Answering my own question: Get configs: parallel -q -j0 scp {}:/etc/crontab tmp/crontab-{}.conf ::: Show overview: md5sum tmp/crontab-* | sort 581cc593069e5a59cde886d7491e9cf4 tmp/crontab-foo@foo.conf 581cc593069e5a59cde886d7491e9cf4 tmp/crontab-blu@blu.conf 581cc593069e5a59cde886d7491e9cf4 tmp/crontab-x23@x23.conf 581cc593069e5a59cde886d7491e9cf4 ...

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