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But I don't understand, a server by definition shouldn't have any closed port and I can't find a way to see if they are. I think you are slightly mistaken. A server, by definition, serves. What it serves is chosen by the server administrator. Technically, a server can have all of its ports closed, although that wouldn't be a very useful server... ...


Have you checked that your my.cnf settings are correct? If you have specified "bind-address =" in the my.cnf Then your MySQL - server only listens localhost and does not allow remote-connections. It is the default settings in modern MySQL installions.


As others have already suggested make sure your cassandra instance is running ps axu | grep cassandra If the output tells you that it is running you can check what ports it is listening on: netstat -tulpn | grep -i listen | grep <pid> where is the process id of your cassandra instance which you can get from the output of the first command. You ...


It looks like there is something upstream of your VPS that is blocking access except for the ports noted. You should contact your VPS provider and ask them about it.


Okay, to make things clear - if you are running CentOS, chances are that you are at release 5 with sendmail as the default. In that case, you will not be to connect externally, because sendmail will only listen to localhost by default. To make it listen on the main IP, you will need to disable the line in /etc/sendmail.mc from this: ...


Port 22: Connection Refused This message indicates that a firewall is actively blocking your connection attempt or alternatively that sshd is not listening on that port. Verify that: The iptables rules applied on boot allow traffic on port 22 sshd is set to start on boot


To view your firewall settings in a terminal perform the following: - sudo iptables -L -n you looking for somehting ike this # iptables -L -n Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt source destination ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:ssh DROP all -- anywhere anywhere if no ...

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