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I admit to being initially confused by your question, because this sounds like a nonstandard configuration. I'd expect you to be installing AnyConnect on your home machine. (I suspect this is Cisco's assumption as well; I don't see Server 2003 as an approved OS for AnyConnect.) Rather than ask you what specific problem you're trying to solve with this ...


The problem was that https server doesn't inherit sockets timeout logic from http server. There is a patch merged since Apr 2013, but it still doesn't merged to stable 0.10 branch. The solutions: avoid https usage, use some proxy server (nginx); custom timeout handle; use node version higher than 0.10.


A "network device" (in the context of a computer) typically refers to a piece of hardware - the network interface card (NIC). Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs roamed the internet and lots of people still used modems, NICs really only came with one interface, but nowadays, NICs with multiple interfaces are common. A NIC can have multiple active IP ...

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