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For outgoing traffic, no. It's possible to prioritize which adapter/address is used by default by Windows for outgoing traffic, but not for a specific service. For incoming traffic, you could register a DNS record for the network adapter/address, the clients would use that name to connect to your service. If you want to prevent the other ...


There are to less Details to do a propper and 100% suitable answer. As a 2nd answer: May you consider adding different vlans to your network adapter and add persistent routes on your host. Just an idea you can think about


As far as I can see, there is no such thing in Windows built-in. Now even if you can bind a certain service to a particular interface, that doesn't stop other services to use that interface. Then actually you need to bind each and every service to certain interface so that they don't use any other than the one configured. I'm also not quite sure, what do ...


The kernel timeout only applies if the connection is orphaned. If the connection is still attached to a socket, the program that owns that socket is responsible for timing out the shutdown of the connection. Likely it has called shutdown and is waiting for the connection to shut down cleanly. The application can wait as long as it likes for the shutdown to ...


Answering my own question as the problem was solved. This is for the benefit of others who have similar issues. Issue turned out to be Asymmetrical route that was created. For TCP, the session involves sending SYN, ACKS and other frames to establish connection. If there is asymmetric route, it still is OK from TCP level, however if the router has firewall ...


It should work, if you can reach the DB server with it's ip address but there are some points to consider: The DB server firewall allows connection from the vpn ip address range that you are using. The db user account you are using to connect to, has the required privilage to connect from a any remote host (or from vpn ip range).


The best way to handle this is to contact support for the external service provider who is managing the problem sites.

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