Couchbase Server is a distributed, key-value ("NoSQL") database management system incorporating a view-based querying and retrieval system, designed to store the information for web applications. Couchbase Server provides a managed in-memory caching tier, so that it supports very fast create, store, update and retrieval operations.

Couchbase Server 2 has some new significant features and improvements:

  • Flexible JSON Documents - The JSON document model reduces development friction. Instead of imposing rigid schemas and high-stakes migrations, a document database can accept new fields as requirements shift.
  • Cross Datacenter Replication* - To offer a truly high-performance experience to a worldwide audience, you'll need multiple points of presence. Replication also provides resilience in the face of infrastructure failures.
  • Indexing and Querying - See inside your data using powerful secondary indexes. Couchbase mantains the index and distributes your data and queries across the cluster.
  • Incremental Map Reduce - Incremental map reduce provides powerful aggregates and summaries, even with large datasets for distributed real-time analytic use cases.

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