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I will agree that the situation is not ideal, but there is no threat here to your account, and informing you wouldn't be the best option. cPanel uses Apache's VirtualHost sections to determine which content is served for which request. In most cases, the IP address, port, and hostname should all match a single VirtualHost entry. However, if there is no ...


I wouldn't recommend doing it that way. The reason that many hosts disable domain forwarding is that it encourages spam. It is a common practice for spammers to send spam to random users at a given domain. So, they'll try addresses like,, and so forth. Most of the time, sending to these addresses just give the sender ...


Going on the assumption that you are just a cPanel user, and don't have WHM access... and that you saying that the option to set "default address" is disabled by your host. If so, then mail not addressed to a defined email address won't make it to the rules, as the mail will be rejected right away. IOW. Since the catchall option is disabled by the ...


If it's VMware, try to see if you have memory ballooning occurring. If your hosting provider is allowing this to happen, it's a bad situation. Assuming you have VMware tools installed, run: vmware-toolbox-cmd stat balloon And post the result.

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