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It's perfectly possible; pretty much anything can be specified in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Since your provider is a smaller one, I would say you have a somewhat better chance of getting this into your contract than with a larger provider. However, some caveats: A meaningful SLA specifies a) what will be provided, b) how it will be measured, and ...


If you have VMware Tools installed then there is a number of performance counters that you can check (in perfmon.exe see the categories "VM Processor" and "VM Memory") to find out if your virtual CPU cores really always get the 100% equivalent of a physical core. This way you can also check for CPU and Memory reservations and limits, ballooning etc. Parts ...


you may have had some white-space in your code that was causing the server to hang. could also be a bad cron path. check your cron logs to see what is causing the server load.


You can not. Especially if you have not contractually agreed to things like dedicated CPU cores you actually DO get what you pay for. There is no ground of a complaint as you et what you ordered. Review your contract. What is a CPU core according to the contract?

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