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Well I don't think that keytool command is asking you the password for tomcat user. Generating a self-signed certificate has nothing to do with the system user. Keytool command ask you to set the password for the certificate you are generating. keytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA -keystore /applications/certs/test.key Enter keystore password: ...


Try the openssl commandline. You will find a lot of howtos for creating self signed certificates.


It depends what you mean by change the instance. If you resize your current instance then you should be fine. If you migrate your instance (because it can't be resized) then you should make sure that you take your private key with you. If you don't you'll still be able to apply for a certificate for with the CSR, but the returned certificate won't be of ...


Your certs are tied to the host names you supply and are therefore independent of the IP address of the machine they are used on.

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