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Do you have to load the 12 files in order or can they be imported in parallel? I ask because it would seem that if they have to be loaded in order then splitting them further won't enable you to run anything in parallel anyway and if they don't then you can import the 12 files you already have in parallel. If the files aren't already available on the ...


Assuming the order of the data unimportant, one way to do this -not so much of a faster way- but at least somewhat parallel would be to write a script that does the following. Open the zip file. Get the first file. Read the data out of the file, say in lines. For each csv line, write out a new zipfile containing the line. Rotate the file selected (say five ...


The easiest but not the fastest, most likely, way is unzip -p <zipfile> | split -C <size>

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