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I haven't tried this, but my reading of the manual for LOAD DATA INFILE is that interpretation of "\N" sequences is controlled by the ESCAPED BY clause, and that the default is not to perform escape sequence processing. If this is right, adding "ESCAPED BY '\\'" to your query should have the results you desire.


I suspect that the data that is being imported is malformed. Specifically \N is missing \ in some or all cases. Verify the data is correct. You can do something like this: $ awk -F, '$3=="\\N"{print $0}' moo.csv 00323acd-7909-41a4-a849-073ca3391dcf,2014-05,\N $ awk -F, '$3=="N"{print $0}' moo.csv 00323acd-7909-41a4-a849-073ca3391dcf,2014-05,N Also, the ...

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