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It was hard but I finally figured it out. Run "mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd". Go to the file and open it in notepad++ (c:\cygwin\etc...). There, you will notice that the account listings is similar to (for a local account) machine-name+username. (eg- xyz+joe:*:...) To be sure, open PuTTY and try to connect with this entire username. i.e. +. You should be ...


It seems like internal-sftp instead of full executable path works. There is probably problem with executing external binary when running under cygwin.


Editing value of db_home in /etc/nsswitch.conf worked for me


This might be a bug, But I'm not sure. The issue is not seen with : scp $HOME/deploy.sh user@host:/tmp/deploy.sh Issue is seen when a folder name is given as destination: scp $HOME/deploy.sh user@host:/tmp


I am pretty sure that it's a typo in your script. To verify 1) create a directory under /tmp. Let's say script_test. 2) cd to script_test and run your script using sh /path/to/script. 3) verify that files are not present on remote server 4) check script_test directory for any newly created files.

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