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Do you use any specific template to format the messages? It might be that the linebreak character (\n) is not handled properly on windows. Try adding a \r to the template, for example: destination d_file { file ("/var/log/messages" template("${ISODATE} ${HOST} ${MSG}\r\n") ); };


The Resource temporarily unavailable error typically means you’ve hit a system or process resource limit such as available memory, the number of allowed user processes, the number of files a user can have open at any one time. You can get this error when starting a new process, opening a new file or when a currently running process asks the kernel for more ...


It seems like that using -N option for ssh command disables command execution, so I think no one will access my PC if ssh command is issued like that. As I force password entering when connecting, no one would seem to access my PC without reentering password even if retried to connect via the same terminal immediately after ssh session termination. So I just ...

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