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The primary factors affecting performance are: How badly damaged is the disk How intelligently does the recovery tools deal with errors If there were no physical errors at all, you could clone a large disk overnight. With errors the time to get data out of the disk ranges from the fastest possible without errors to never. If you want to be able to work ...


First thing, you should enable noclobber so this does not happen again. The option will prevent overwriting an existing file with redirection (>). To enable it, add the option to your .bashrc: $ echo 'set -o noclobber' >> ~/.bashrc Now, recovering the fille won't be simple but it is possible that you may still find it in the drive data. If you ...


The best way is to restore the latest backup. Otherwise, one can try tools mentioned in Ubuntu's Data recovery article. To be safe, you should create an image of the current state of the RAID volume, and operate on the image.


I have seen something similar myself, although it was a few years ago. In my case it was problem memory and when copying data, there was some form of caching going on which I suspected was slowly using memory until it got to the problem memory and... boom! crashed computer. A memory test should identify this easily enough, or perhaps removing some memory ...

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