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[5 years later] I have the same 3ware card. This past month, I've had a drive not come online a few times. This causes the normal need to remove/rebuild (logically, not physically) the RAID5 array. However.. ..twice in the last year, the troublesome drive comes online thinking IT is the RAID5 array and everyone else is missing-- split brain. Delete the ...


It depends on how the drive failed. 72GB 10k disks haven't been manufactured for years, so I'd suspect that your disks are at least 6 years old... possibly 9 years... You may have a mechanical problem with the disk. The server you're talking about is an HP ProLiant DL360 G5. They were sold from 2005-2008. Running RAID 0 is a calculated risk. Your data was ...


It appears that you overwrote whatever you had in /dev/sda1. I'm not sure about your LVM/RAID/etc setup, but I'm assuming that /dev/sda1 was at least involved in your storage scheme. If /dev/sda1 was where your data was, then your data is no more. If you put your data in a LUN that was presented to Ubuntu as /dev/sda1, then your data is no more. If your ...


Disk /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_home - 210 GB / 196 GiB [Proceed ] choose the default [None ] Non partitioned media if you choose : [Intel ] Intel/PC partition will lead in error that you describe


It's always better to use redundant pools instead of non-redundant pools (though not always possible). The issue above is not likely to happen on a redundant pool. And it's faster to clone a snapshot (to get a file from it) than to recreate it somewhere (if you, of course, have no complaints about faulty hardware).


Here's my slightly generalized solution: sudo cp /tank2/test-text-file /tank1/test-text-file sudo zfs snapshot tank1@snapshot3 sudo sh -c 'zfs send -i tank1@snapshot2 tank1@snapshot3 | zfs receive -F tank2' sudo zfs rollback -r tank1@snapshot1 sudo sh -c 'zfs send -i tank2@snapshot1 tank2@snapshot3 | zfs receive -F tank1' sudo zpool scrub tank1; sudo zpool ...

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