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You can try using passe-partout. I have successfully used it with Apache, not with Tomcat, but it's advertised to work with Tomcat 7.0.34 + apr 1.4.6 + jdk7-openjdk 7.u9.


If you lost /var/lib/docker/volumes directory and you don’t have lost any files this is mean that your sensitive information wasn't lost. That sounds good. If container lost /var/lib/docker/volumes directory it will show message like this sh: getcwd: No such file or directory and all files and folders in volume directory will be disappeared. You don't ...


Boot the system from a live CD, mount the root partition, copy the missing file from the CD to where it should be; reboot and you should be ok. If the file you need is not present on the CD (f.e. due to a version mismatch), you'll need to get it from another running system or from the Ubuntu package repository.


This is a definitely a loss if a new HP Smart Array and RAID metadata were written to the drive for two reasons: Reconstructing from RAID 0 is very difficult. The array has been reconfigured and new data written. You did all you can do... your retention period was reasonable, but sometimes you have to tell the business users, "tough luck... the data is ...


Why on earth are you using a RAID0? You clearly have important information on this server (otherwise you wouldn't be wanting to restore it), and by using RAID0 you are doubling your risk of data loss. The chances of being able to recover data is slim. Your best bet would be to send them to a professional data recovery firm like Kroll Ontrack. Beware, ...


There's no simple way of recovering from that. IF the blocks in question haven't been overwritten by the new OS, then it is possible that a data recovery company could recover that. Its going to be a question of how valuable that data is to the company vs the cost to attempt recovery which may not yield any results. Edit: Raid1 makes recovery somewhat ...

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