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I had managed to recover nearly all the data with the help of TestDisk, after connecting all 7 drives to a PC. TestDisk had managed to detect the broken file system on the RAID5 volume and export most data intact.


EDIT: i first thought it was mirror pool, not raidz. Firstly, zpool replace should work fine. If it is slow because that dying disk is acting slow, you can offline/detach it first so data is rebuilt from other disks and reads are not attempted from the bad disk. Multiple failing disks is not a good thing though. Exporting pool, using ddrescue and then ...


Because it is RAID 1 you should be able to pull the disks, put them in a different server/workstation with a regular IO controller and treat them as regular disks rather than an array. Each disk should be the same unless the array got messed up. There could be something else going on, but it's a good place to start with restoring your data. It sounds a bit ...

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