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For md3 it reports "Creation Time : Wed Mar 4 01:03:28 2015", that seems rather recent to be the true creation date. Perhaps a recreate was done? In any case where this is RAID1 you should be able to run testdisk against one of the partitions and let it search for a filesystem. Try... testdisk /dev/sda3 Note in data recovery situations it is a mistake ...


NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM projects FAULTED 0 0 1 gptid/49d49544-5a47-11e2-b516-00259095142c ONLINE 0 0 0 gptid/49f3c886-5a47-11e2-b516-00259095142c ONLINE 0 0 2 gptid/4a1052aa-5a47-11e2-b516-00259095142c ONLINE 0 0 ...

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