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I'm sure this question will be closed as this isn't a good question for serverfault, but you'll find good information here: http://www.dchuddle.com/data-center-101/ For specific hardware, just put the word 'data center' in front of the normal name of the component, and search google. e.g. 'data center network switches'


I'm not sure why you're asking this, but expect 5-9 minutes for a current generation modern server (HP or Dell) to boot ESXi.


SAS 12 Gb/s which is 1.5 GB/s. Is it the sequential read speed for this HDD? seems to be a lot. 12 Gb/s is the SAS interconnect speed, which has little to no bearing on how fast the disk can actually read data off of its platters. If not, what is the sequential read speed for this kind of HDD? This depends your use case - what filesystem ...


The solution I ended up implementing is documented on my blog Basically I have 3 roles, and 2 environments. I apply multiple roles to a server based on its location and type. service roles (roleA) override roles (override-roleA) datacenter roles (datacenter-us-west) prod environment (prod, stage) The hierarchy ends up looking like this:

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