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is it in different loactions ! i assume that your SP should provie to you a specific vlan and associate a techonlogy called "qnq tunnel" that mapping to your multiple VLAN on your both DC to one Vlan on SP.


I'm really surprised nobody on here did not realize you can have two 20amp PDUs running to different power then take a y cable plug into two different servers and plug into the first PDU then take another y cable plug into the second power supply of the two servers and run it to the second PDU. You now have redundancy and less power cord mess.


check out... http://www.easypano.com/ They even have "panoramic" camera heads that range in price(200-700). They even have a google "authorized" head that fits their min requirements. And if that wasnt enough, they even have a mobile service. But your just wanting interior of your datacenters, not a whole city/town. But I think someone who offers a suite ...


Google Business View seems like the pro option ;) Good luck.

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