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Contracts can basically say anything, so without seeing your contract we can for certain say what is included. The company I work for has had remote hands replace faulty RAM blocks, so remote hands can open a box and do physical tasks - actually that's among the things I would be quite confident having remote hands do, it's quite easy to verify it worked.


You asked specifically for the "cheapest" way and I'm going to do you one better and make it simpler. If the distance isn't too great, I'd get what's referred to as a "DAC (Direct Attached Copper)" or sometimes called a TwinAx cable, this is a copper cable with an SFP+ transceiver built in to both ends. They're pretty cheap, and easy to replace. "Passive" ...


If any of your servers send email and you've specified IP addresses in your SPF records, you'll need to look into changing.


First, we don't know what you're moving or what you mean by "clean". But if this is a simple website or even dynamic sites (except data-driven applications since we need to consider your database), you can simply point your DNS from the old IP to the IP of your machine in the new data center. It will work with limited to no downtime at all. Granting that ...

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