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I would change the MAC address in Linux, so that it was a different MAC than the windows partition. Then reserve the ip's for the 2 MAC's.


It sounds like one of a few things may be happening: Your switch is connected into the school's main network. A LAN port on your router is connected to the school's main network. The computers not getting DHCP assignments from your router are not actually connected to your network. One of the computers on your network is running a DHCP server. Check the ...


To the best of my knowledge, (aka Bonjour) doesn't work across a VPN connection. You have to have a dedicated machine on each side of a VPN that repeats the broadcast packets from the opposite end of the tunnel. You can still connect to your server over the vpn via IP address, or DNS name is configured. From the finder press Command-K, in the server address ...

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