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First I would take a snapshot of the lv: lvcreate --snapshot --name my_shot --size <thesize> /dev/<name of vg>/<name of lv> After that you have to create a new lv on the new host (e.g. using lvcreate) with the same size. Then you can directly copy the data to the new host. Here is my example of the copy command: dd if=/dev/vg0/my_shot ...


NFSv4.2 does have a offload-copy operation which can do server-to-server copy without proxying data trough the client. Modern linux kernels (> 3.13?) supports that. I don't know about other servers. UPDATE By linux kernel 4.7 server side copy is not supported by linux servers


The "copy a file" operation is not a basic file-system operation such as read, write, open, close, and similar operations. See this page for a good explanation of the operations a filesystem has to support. And that's all file systems - whether it's ext4, btrfs, or nfsv4. Note that there's no way to know why a process opens file A, opens file B, reads ...

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