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Try configuring a connect ACL to drop connections from invalid senders. This can be done at connect time with an ACL. acl_smtp_connect = acl_local_connect acl_local_connect: # Drop blacklisted sites - safest deny !dnslists = list.dnswl.org dnslists = zen.spamhaus.org:bl.spamcop.net log_message = Host ${sender_host_address} is blacklisted ...


If I tell my hosting provider this and they decide to black hole these packets, isn't this still impacting their infrastructure? Yes, but that's their problem. If it gets bad enough, they'll ask their upstream provider to null-route too, and so on and so forth. At some point, someone has a big enough pipe to absorb it.


The two methods that you provided appear to allow based on a known range of IPs. You'll want to verify that the regex match is up to date and that the range you're checking is what Google is actually using. If you're actually under a "DDoS", I do not suggest using the reverse DNS lookup option in your .htaccess file. Alternatively and suggested, you could ...


This is where a firewall comes in. Firewalls have special built-in purposes, some of which are for this very thing. I would look into ASA or Dell SonicWall firewalls. By default, it would block something like that out anyway.

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