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This is a really bad question. You should be checking how many requests the IP is making per 5 seconds or so, and rule out legitimate traffic through that. As an example, nobody is going to be requesting the same file 300 times in a second from a normal browser.


That depends on the type of attack you are getting.According to my experiences a Fortinet FortGuard 310B proves good enough for me.It mitigates attacks upto 8Gbps and requests upto 30K.


How sure are you that there isn't something going on with your server? There's a significant chance that it is actually your server that is the problem Regardless, there's nothing we can really recommend other than to perform typical troubleshooting steps such as collecting logs, packet captures, etc., then looking through them with a fine-toothed comb so ...


Its not about the resources on the machines but your VPS has its own IP and with shared hosting you have no dedicated IP address. So its easier to block a DDOS to a VPS because the traffic has an unique destination IP.

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