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Sound like you have successfully setup a remote-access vpn. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_network Q: What do I need to configure in Windows/Linux to get access to the internal network of the client side? A: You need to use a site-to-site VPN tunnel. ...


I was using German VPS and couldn't change locale because there was no English language pack installed. After installing I could finally change locale aptitude install language-pack-en


For received email, you can rely on Delivered-To to identify the correct recipient as @sebix has said in above comment.The challenge is, if the email has more than one Delivered-To header. So you must modify the grep to search user@example.com mailbox grep -r -m 1 '^Delivered-To:' directory/ | grep user@example.com For sent email, you can rely on From ...


general_log_file is a mysqld, the server part of mysql, option. However, it is not complaining about that. Check your my.cnf file for log=/var/log/mysql.log Under the client section excerpt from MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: ... :: 4.2.6 Using Option Files Be sure not to put an option in the [client] group unless it is recognized by all client ...

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