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Disable root access completely. Disable password access completely, only allow key-based login. Continue to use fail2ban That's about it and will protect you from anyone "getting lucky" with a password guess.


I agree with Khaled's comments and would also add to end of his phrase: "These subnets are connected to the same physical interface. The Linux router will return ICMP redirect message when the received packet should be forwarded over the same physical interface" to the same destination subnet then redirecting the request to the next hop. That ...


As Mat indicated, this is pretty much a duplicate of: Another domain points to my webserver Where it's answered that in your webserver settings, you can simply make it so your server doesn't respond to anything it doesn't recognise. So no big deal. With tools like Fail2Ban, you could even make it so that your server does respond to it, and bans the ...

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